Wednesday, January 6, 2010

it's been a while.

I haven't updated this blog in a long time but I plan on doing more blogging when I'm free so bare with me, not having a stable pc sucks but hopefully later this month I'll have one of my own.

Monday, June 29, 2009

June 29th/BET awards..

Today would have been three years with my ex(blah!), I try to forget about this day as much as I can but it's hard she took me through a lot of unnecessary shit. I could never forget all of what she's done to me cause I've never been through so much drama like that before. I have moved on and through all the tears and pain I've learned to be stronger and to keep my guard up at all times. I always said I would never stop loving her, but as the time has passed the love I had for her has faded away. I'm glad that I can finally live without worrying what I would do without her.

Other then that today was an okay day I just wish I was able to attend the Beyonce concert tonight, but I did get to see her perform on the BET awards which was the next best thing. She did great if I may say so myself and her outfit was gorgeous, I also liked Maxwell's performance, Keyshia Cole & Monica's performance was good as well, I was really surprised at the Tyrese, Johnny Gill, and Trey Songz tribute to the O'Jays, and Lil Wayne's performance wasn't half bad, the New Edition's tribute to Michael Jackson was great, but what really amazed me was at the end of the show it took a lot of courage for Janet Jackson to be up there on stage and speak on be half of her brother and the family. The look she had on her face was a look I'll never forget she looked as if she was gonna cry but at the same time she kept her composure. That's what really made the show, she was able to speak although she's still mourning and grieving the death of her brother. My prayers are still with the family and may Michael Jackson rest in peace.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

crazy night.

So last night me and my sister and a couple of our friends decided to go to the movies, I wanted to see that new denzel movie and they wanted to see UP =/ anyway we get there and my sister says she forgot her money so we have to drive all the way back home..FML! As we're driving back home she gets a phone call from a friend saying that some girl who her boyfriend use to date was tryna f*ck him or whatever so she tryna get to the bottom of it. The story goes that the girl called my sister's friend saying she still talk to her boyfriend and that she don't care that they're together, what kinda hoe shit is that?. She also found out that when he be on the phone with the girl he loses his feelings for my sister, wtf? So we home now my sister goes in the house and comes out with mace and a butcher knife so I already knew what was gonna happen. She sped off to this nigga house we get there and this nigga ain't no where to be found so we sitting in the car waiting til finally him and his friends come up walking. My sister not even tryna talk to his ass so she tells one of his friends that she got mace and a knife and he got 5 minutes to tell her the truth this nigga scared now(LMAO!) telling her to calm down and shit, mind you she is calm. So they end up talking and come to find out everything was in fact true so she angry at this point and she walked off and got her knife out the car. His friends stop her before anything happened and that's when we lefted. This nigga always on some bullshit and as much as my family does for him its like he don't care, I personally can't stand his dumb ass. So this morning they up going back and forth with each other(lame) and I can honestly say they are not gonna last if he can't handle being faithful. It's always some shit with him and she needs to realize that she deserves better, but like any other time she's gonna take him back and it'll end up happening again =/ sad to say but it's true.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wifey Series.

So I'm reading the second book of this series and so far it's good. A real page turner and since I LOVE reading I haven't been able to put this book down lol, but I recommend this series of books to those of you who like urban fiction.

Memorial Day Weekend.

So it's that time of year where all the out of towners come down and invade SOBE(south beach), too bad i won't be down there cause that's too much commotion going on. Although i wish i could have seen fabolous and jeezy. But i'm just gonna hit up a few cookouts and enjoy time with my loved ones :).

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Drag Me To Hell.

This looks like its gonna be a good movie and i can't wait for it to come out.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Air Jordan 5 Pack “Toro Bravo” <3.

I would love to have this package when it come out(May 30th). I’m so tired of seeing fusions it aint even funny, and people rockin’ them like they really are retros =l smdh.